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Upcoming Website Advertising

I will be creating ads for this website and purchasing advertising across the state of Texas for Billboards, Airports, Bus Stops, and other avenues even as small as bumper stickers.​​

UPDATE: I've been contacted by concerned individuals who shall remain nameless asking for my help in getting the word out. I've added Houston Superintendent Mike Miles' website to the Texas ad plan. Miles is eliminating librarians at dozens of schools in the district while converting their libraries into multi-use spaces where misbehaving students will be disciplined.

Librarian and media specialist positions are being eliminated at 28 campuses designated to be part of Miles' New Education System (NES).

Donate via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp below and follow this page and my social media for weekly updates and specifics including where the donations are headed for both Governor Abbott and Houston ISD.




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