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I ordered my Texas border agents to lay the wire traps that ensnared a pregnant 19-year-old woman, as part of my plan to keep migrants out. She had to be cut out of the wire and miscarried soon after. I also had circular saws added to the buoys that have claimed lives already. This is a true story. This is who I am. This is what I do.

My Mission

As you may know, I ordered for Texas Border Patrol to push children back into the river if they make land. Regardless of their age or if they can swim, my mission is to make sure word gets out that I will kill human beings to keep them from touching American soil.


I lied to the world about what actually happened in Uvalde. So please understand that I will lie about all of this new information coming out. I cannot be trusted. Again, I will allow deaths before I give up my position as Governor. I am inhumane but I am also sick and tired of people who aren't Americans thinking they have a chance.

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